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Alisha Edwards
United States
Mood: Excited

Listening To: Naked As We Came by Iron & Wine

Watching: 101 Dalmatians

Reading: Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Oh, hi there. I usually don't post journals to this site, but I plan on making a habit of it in the future. Kind of like I plan on actually getting on this site more frequently. Life is really hectic recently, though, what with work at everyone's favorite sub sandwich franchise, Pep Band, finishing up with the school play, allotting time for friends, family, and a relationship, and taking care of my darling little ferret. Anyway, I'm disappointed in myself for not drawing enough. After all, how am I ever going to improve if I don't practice? So, I've decided that since my computer is utilized more frequently than my sketchbook, I'm going to redirect my artistic efforts towards attempting to excel at Paint and the like. Thus, Impromptu Puff was born.

Speaking of puff - Jigglypuff, I'm feeling quite exuberant over the fact that this year's OMGcon theme is Pokemon. Ohhhhhh the possibilities! Do I want to cosplay a trainer or a Pokemon? A humanoid-furry kind of attempt, or a comical, realistic costume? After consulting with Strickland, I'm definitely thinking of either cosplaying as the pink Frillish, Cherrim, or Spinda. Right now, I think Spinda's winning. Eventually I plan on making some sketches of how I think any of the aforementioned costumes would look. Not tonight though, no sir. :p So, it would be great if any readers of this could post comments of their cosplay suggestions until I make up my mind and my artwork.

On a completely unrelated note, Crime and Punishment is a bitch. This is not at all because it's difficult to understand, because it's not really, but the particular translated copy of the book that I received from my A.P. LIT. teacher is a lot less articulate than the translations everyone else received. That may have something to do with the fact that their copies are the "Academic version" whilst mine looks like overly verbose, older English. Bleghhhh. I was really looking forward to reading this, but now I think the only thing I'm going to be able to concentrate on is my dire need to switch out the copy of my book for another.


Dream Infinite,

Alisha :)

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